Website Hosting

Our service delivers a powerful, proven platform
that’s perfect for hosting your websites.

Included in all plans

Libchalk leverages our Advanced Data Network that has been established using industry leading technologies to ensure that your website is always up and running with minimal downtime. Our Advanced Data Network leverages a proprietary 24/7/365 Security Shield that successfully blocks 99.998% of the attacks online. It does this by leveraging a unique 100% automated system with built in artificial intelligence. It is not like all other security systems available out there relying on a virus database or hashes to catch malware. Our Security Shield follows logic, inspects code and processes to catch malicious activity. It can see which is the legitimate traffic and behavior and can find abnormal and unusual behavior. Along with this we offer a high availability server system that leverages SSD storage arrays along with extensive network throughput to the servers.

  • Completely Hosted Solution
  • Programmatically Tuned for running WordPress or Drupal
  • CPanel Access Available
  • SFTP Access
  • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee

Frequently Asked Questions

Migration is simple and easy.  We will take a copy of your existing site and stand it on a staging area.  We will test and make sure the site presents no errors then help you redirect your domain name to the new hosting site.  At the end of the day, no one will know you’re hosting on a different server.

Many web-hosting providers make promises of unlimited space, but then restrict you on the number of files you have.  Or unlimited bandwidth, yet threaten to shut you down if you exceed some arbitrary threshold.  The only way you will find out about their limits if you read through a few dozen pages of contract which don’t make sense.  At libchalk, we are upfront and honest.  We understand that libraries and academic institutions have unique and varying needs, so we built a platform that will always meet those needs with no hidden fees or undisclosed limits.   

Part of our onboarding process is to identify high need partners.  A dedicated box allows you for greater power, faster computing resources, and higher utilization.  We will recommend a dedicated environment based on your needs and website.  

We bill through an automated payment system – it sends you an invoice and you can pay by mail in check or credit card.  We can also provide you with a Master Service Agreement (MSA) if need be.  

Yes! Our service is scalable so you can add some of our other product offerings as need. The reason why we break our services out into different modules allows for better cost affective opportunities for our partners.