SSL Security

Keeping your website and your patron’s information and internet browsing style safe and secure is paramount to our clients. You may notice some websites display a message when browsing to them that states, “warning – use at your own risk”. This happens when a web browser detects the website doesn’t have a security certificate (SSL Certificate). This type of notification appearing tells your current and future patrons that our website isn’t secure and serves a web browser generated security warning. With Libchalk’s SSL product we help protect and encrypt all of the internet traffic from your patron’s, confirm the sites identity, and even improve your website’s search engine ranking. In an era where people pay close attention to security it’s important to make sure your website is proudly displays the “its-safe” lock prominently present next to the URL in your web browser.

Why SSL?

Most web hosting providers will simply provide you the certificate; and it is up to you to install and renew.  At libchalk, we take the approach of setting up the SSL certificate for you, helping you make the configuration changes on your site to accept the certificate, and keep a pulse on when the certificate needs to be renewed.  

  • People trust a secure site. Many browsers flash those big scary warnings when a site is not properly set up with an SSL certificate.
  • Shows you've taken the first steps to being more secure and securing data on your site. An SSL protects your confidential data (like website searches!)
  • SSL affirms your identity - that your site is your site.
  • Provides better search engine ranking