In order to provide outstanding service at affordable costs, Libchalk partners with the best in class teams around the world.  Below is just a few of the partnerships we’ve built with fellow individuals who believe in the power of libraries and wants libraries to be successful in everything they do.  

InMotion Hosting

InMotion has stepped up to provide some of our server farms that ensure reliability and redundancy across the libchalk infrastructure.  When things go bump in the night, they leap to work hand-in-hand with our award winning server engineering team to make sure your site stays up and running. 


You can read more about them here:


Site24x7 is leading the charge in building solutions that provide server monitoring.  Site24x7 and libchalk worked together to build a very strong and powerful alerting service that lets the engineers at libchalk know something may go down before it even impacts our end users.  Through our partnership, we’ve been able to build out a monitoring service that ensures uptime by alerting our team immediately when something goes wrong.  

You can read our white paper here along with many other successful partnerships with Site24x7

Imunify 360

Imunify 360 is the leader in server protection.  They’ve graciously provided their state of the art technology to libchalk so that we may ensure your websites are secured and protected from threats.  Their software is based on machine learning technology which utilizes a multi-layer approach to provide total protection against any types of malicious attacks or abnormal behavior including distributed brute force attacks.

You can read more about them here:


Altum Code

AltumCode is a premier software developer that provides some of the magical interfaces we have across our platform and offer to our clients.  



Updraft / WP Optimize

We have partnered with UpDraft and WP Optimize to provide backup and optimization solutions.

The Perfect Fit

We provide the highest caliber technology solutions and services

LibChalk is an innovator in online course creation and engagement. We are focused on the success of extending continuing the library patron experience outside of the Brick and Mortar. Our goal is to provide you with up to date industry specific information delivered in a way like no other. Our principles are deeply rooted in Higher Education and we draw upon this experience to deliver content created by Industry leaders to your patrons. The end result is strengthening your brand, building consumer loyalty and driving community awareness of your unique offerings.